05.17.11 – a tuesday


carrel [kar-uhl] n. 1. also called cubicle, stall, a small recess or enclosed area in a library stack, designed for individual study or reading 2. a table or desk with three sides extending above the writing surface to serve as partitions, designed for individual study, as in a library


Maureen O’Sullivan (1911), Dennis Hopper (1936), Taj Mahal (1942), Bill Paxton (1955), Sugar Ray Leonard (1956), Bob Saget (1956), Enya (1961), Craig Ferguson (1962), Trent Reznor (1965), Matthew McGrory (1973) 


I went to grade school with Matthew McGrory (see the last name in today’s birthday section). He was a year older than me. I remember him vividly from back then due to the fact he was literally larger than life.

Years later, I was sitting with some friends, watching Big Fish and there was Matthew, sharing a scene with Ewan McGregor. I was psyched for him. I can state with relative certainty everyone watching the movie with me that night would say something like, “At first, I thought it was cool that Josh knew the guy who played the giant. But eventually his inability to shut the hell up about it proved to be a huge distraction. I had to re-watch it again a few days later.”

I was sad to learn a short while ago that Matthew passed away at the age of 32. Here’s a tribute video I found on YouTube.


The chimpanzee who is flying in space took off at 10:08. He reports that everything is perfect and working well. ↔ John F. Kennedy


All types of people like to rail on Will Smith. He’s not “hardcore” enough or “real” enough or something similar. But, the dude makes catchy songs. Also, I’ve met him on three different occasions and he seemed like a decent sort. Plus, he made the best shore anthem ever, fittingly named…”Summertime.”


Last night I saw Doug Benson at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. I have to give the guy props for putting on a great show while completely annihilated.

→ For those of you in the food and beverage industry, you need to read this for a little inspiration.

→ This sucks. I thought it was for real. But, as it turns out, he may have just been screwing around with the American public. If we can’t trust Donald Trump, who in the hell do we look to now?

03.20.09 – Friday

Whereabouts: Philadelphia, PA

Word: halcyon [hal-see-uhn] adj. 1. calm; peaceful; tranquil  2. rich; wealthy; prosperous  3. happy; joyful; carefree

Birthday: Napoleon II (1811), Henrik Ibsen (1828), Ozzie Nelson (1906), Jack Barry (1918), Carl Reiner (1922), Fred Rogers (1928), Hal Linden (1931), Lee “Scratch” Perry (1936), Jerry Reed (1937), Paul Junger Witt (1943), Pat Riley (1945), Bobby Orr (1948), William Hurt (1950), Jimmie Vaughn (1951), Spike Lee (1957), Holly Hunter (1958), Sting (1959), A.J. Jacobs (1968), Michael Rappaport (1970)

Occurrence: 1985Libby Riddles becomes the first female ever to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Women everywhere rejoice. Dogs everywhere still pissed.

Standpoint: Why? That’s the only question I have for Joaquin Phoenix. Furthermore, that’s probably the question the dude should’ve asked himself before deciding to retire from acting to become the next Matisyahu, with brother-in-law Casey Affleck in tow to film the whole debacle. Has Phoenix never heard of Keanu Reeves? Jared Leto? Juliette Lewis? Don Johnson? They’re all actors who tried their hands in the music biz and came up with less-than-spectacular results. (Oddly enough, the same doesn’t hold true for musicians who make the leap into acting. See Will Smith, Jon Bon Jovi, Queen Latifah, Justin Timberlake.) Hopefully, the talented actor regains his senses and comes back from his trip to Jupiter. Odds are he will. After the novelty of his act wears off, people will stop buying tickets and Phoenix will undoubtedly have to return to acting. Just a matter of time.

Quotation: I don’t think that there are any limits to how excellent we could make life seem.Jonathan Safran Foer

Stupefaction: In Florida, scientists are firing rockets at lightning. Seriously. I hate to ruin the ending for you but the lightning won, remaining the undefeated champ of shit you don’t wanna screw around with.

Tune: Be honest. If you went to high school or college in the 90s, there was at least one time you drove around with the windows down listening to “I’m Free” by The Soup Dragons.

Link: FutureMe – Send an email to your future self.

Weekend (Fridays only): Do you long to hear 80s music sung by an all-male chorus? I thought so. Check out “That 80s Show” performed by the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus at Prince’s Music Theater tonight and tomorrow night…For all of you with little ones, The Berenstain Bears’ Family Matters starts this weekend at the Walnut Street Theatre For Kids and runs through April 4th…Also on Saturday, why not check out one of the few remaining home games of The Philadelphia Phantoms as they take on the Binghamton Rangers at the Wachovia Spectrum – 7:05pm…Amazingly, tickets are still available for Morrisey’s show at The Academy of Music this Sunday (3/22) starting 8:00pm.

Gallimaufry: This week, California took time out of its busy schedule fighting gay marriage (see Prop 8) to debate whether legalizing marijuana would properly stimulate its flailing economy. Now there’s a debate worthy of everyone’s time and energy…March Madness is officially upon us and I still don’t care…I haven’t completely wrapped my head around it (who has?) but this bailout process reminds me of a video I once saw where a log sunk into quicksand…Want to feel better about yourself by listening to an audio clip of someone sounding like a jackass? Check out Lou Dobbs’ rant about St. Patrick’s Day…Following up on yesterday’s post, here is a link to the entire interview Jon Stewart conducted with Jim Cramer on The Daily Show…That’s it for me this week. Come back Monday for some more.