November 1, 2011


rapine [rap-in, -ahyn] n. the violent seizure and carrying off of another’s property; plunder


Stephen Crane (1871), Larry Flynt (1942), Lyle Lovett (1957), Charlie Kaufman (1958), Anthony Kiedis (1962), Toni Collette (1971), Jenny McCarthy (1972)


I’ve been meaning to update the About page of the blog for a while now. And the other night I did. So click here if you want to know more about me. If you don’t, keep moving down for the rest of today’s post, jerk.


Sarcasm and compassion are two of the qualities that make life on earth tolerable. ↔ Nick Hornby


I’m not a huge fan of people asking me questions like, “What’s your all-time top 5 movies/albums/books/whatevers?” Granted, I’ve got those lists in my head but they may not be the same from one day to the next so I dislike providing them. I always think of additions or subtractions and want to make amendments but the moment has passed. It’s out there and I can’t get it back.  But there are a few constants on those lists. For instance, my Top 5 Favorite Songs list will always include “Hyperspace” by Nada Surf.


→ I’m annoyed with myself right now. Sometimes I come across a news item that makes me thankful for being served such a softball and I can’t wait to write something witty about it and it just doesn’t come. Anyway, Michael Vick now owns a parrot. Sigh. I’m better than this.

→ Last week I wrote about Herman Cain and how the dude is the king of backtracking. Yesterday, Cain spent his time refuting allegations of sexual harassment. At first he had no recollection of any such allegations. Later he said all the talk of allegations kind of jogged his memory but details were still kind of fuzzy. By evening, the fuzziness was apparently lifted and he was able to provide a detailed account of not only the allegations but how those allegations were handled by his attorneys. I’m real curious to see how this pans out in terms of his campaign.

→ It’s not always easily discernible if The Onion is reporting actual stuff or just fucking around. It must be a blast to work there.

02.01.10 – A Monday


mountebank [moun-tuh-bangk] n. 1. a person who sells quack medicines, as from a platform in public places, attracting and influencing an audience by tricks, storytelling, etc 2. any charlatan or quack v. 3. to act or operate as a mountebank


Conn Smythe (1895), Clark Gable (1901), Langston Hughes (1902), Boris Yeltsin (1931), Don Everly (1937), Garrett Morris (1937), Sherman Hemsley (1938), Terry Jones (1942), Rick James (1948), Sonny Landreth (1951), Brandon Lee (1965), Sherilyn Fenn (1965), Princess Stephanie of Monaco (1965), Lisa Marie Presley (1968), Pauly Shore (1968), Joshua Redman (1969), Michael C. Hall (1971), Phil Ivey (1976)


Time for another installment of The Wishing Well, a place for me to close my eyes and wish for things that will never come to fruition.

I WISH The Grammy Awards weren’t utter fucking bullshit. It’s a bunch of celebrities posing as musicians, receiving praise for their involvement with  songs that are eagerly consumed by a society content with the notion that being spoonfed soulless, unimaginative garbage is actually something worthy of dedicating millions of dollars and, worse, a perfectly good Sunday night.

I WISH I was ignorant to the fact President Obama’s proposed budget going to Congress was for $3.8 trillion. Anyone else wish there was some gigantic magical RESET button? Let’s start over and, hey, this time around, let’s try using our brains.

I WISH my fantasy hockey team somehow reflected how much I know about the sport. But, so far this year, it’s not happening.

I WISH, as a bartender observing many first dates, I could smack some sense into some of the men who do and/or say things practically guaranteeing a long drive home accompanied only by the raging questions in their head about what exactly went wrong.

I WISH all you reading this will help me out and follow my place of employment, the Parc Bistro in Skippack PA, on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks.


The manner in which Americans ”consume” music has a lot to do with leaving it on their coffee tables, or using it as wallpaper for their lifestyles, like the score of a movie –it’s consumed that way without any regard for how and why it’s made.Frank Zappa


Yes, I totally understand I’m breaking from the norm here. But I am fond of “Nobody Knows Me” by Lyle Lovett. Sue me.


I’m ditching this section today. Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow for some more.