October 25, 2011


judder [juhd-er] v. 1. to vibrate violently: an old automobile with a clutch that judders n. 2. a state or instance of juddering


Pablo Picasso (1881), Minnie Pearl (1912), Marion Ross (1928), James Carville (1944), Adam Goldberg (1970), Katy Perry (1984)


I spent much of last night on the phone catching up with a close friend.

So the next time I post you’ll get to read all about what I think about Herman Fuckin’ Cain.

Also, this was my 300th post. Pretty cool.


An ant colony is far more intelligent than an ant. ↔ E.O. Wilson


If you don’t like music, you’re a straight up weirdo. But if you do like music, especially the good kind, you need to purchase Whatever’s On Your Mind, the latest album from Gomez. I seriously deliberated about which song to post up here today and decided on the title track.


→ What genius thought it would be a good idea to bring back Beavis and Butthead? I’m gonna be upset about this for more than a day or two. Fucking depressing.

This story actually made me smile when I read it. Police officers from Albany inspiring a nation. Who would’ve guessed?

→ I’m just going to say it: Michele Bachmann is in full possession of the crazy eyes. I know it’s sexist and derogatory toward women but it’s also completely and 100% true.