05.17.11 – a tuesday


carrel [kar-uhl] n. 1. also called cubicle, stall, a small recess or enclosed area in a library stack, designed for individual study or reading 2. a table or desk with three sides extending above the writing surface to serve as partitions, designed for individual study, as in a library


Maureen O’Sullivan (1911), Dennis Hopper (1936), Taj Mahal (1942), Bill Paxton (1955), Sugar Ray Leonard (1956), Bob Saget (1956), Enya (1961), Craig Ferguson (1962), Trent Reznor (1965), Matthew McGrory (1973) 


I went to grade school with Matthew McGrory (see the last name in today’s birthday section). He was a year older than me. I remember him vividly from back then due to the fact he was literally larger than life.

Years later, I was sitting with some friends, watching Big Fish and there was Matthew, sharing a scene with Ewan McGregor. I was psyched for him. I can state with relative certainty everyone watching the movie with me that night would say something like, “At first, I thought it was cool that Josh knew the guy who played the giant. But eventually his inability to shut the hell up about it proved to be a huge distraction. I had to re-watch it again a few days later.”

I was sad to learn a short while ago that Matthew passed away at the age of 32. Here’s a tribute video I found on YouTube.


The chimpanzee who is flying in space took off at 10:08. He reports that everything is perfect and working well. ↔ John F. Kennedy


All types of people like to rail on Will Smith. He’s not “hardcore” enough or “real” enough or something similar. But, the dude makes catchy songs. Also, I’ve met him on three different occasions and he seemed like a decent sort. Plus, he made the best shore anthem ever, fittingly named…”Summertime.”


Last night I saw Doug Benson at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. I have to give the guy props for putting on a great show while completely annihilated.

→ For those of you in the food and beverage industry, you need to read this for a little inspiration.

→ This sucks. I thought it was for real. But, as it turns out, he may have just been screwing around with the American public. If we can’t trust Donald Trump, who in the hell do we look to now?

06.09.09 – Tuesday

Word: apostasy [uhpos-tuh-see] n. a total desertion of or departure from one’s religion, principles, party, cause, etc

Birthday: Cole Porter (1891), Les Paul (1915), Robert McNamara (1961), George Axelrod (1922), Jackie Mason (1931), Jackie Wilson (1934), Dick Vitale (1939), Patricia Cornwell (1956), Michael J. Fox (1961), Aaron Sorkin (1961), Johnny Depp (1963), Natalie Portman (1981)

Quotation: When written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.John F. Kennedy

Tune: “A hybrid of Americana rock and Northern Soul with boundless energy.” That’s how mp3.com describes Californian band, Delta Spirit. I guess so. But Delta Spirit is really good. Try “Trashcan” for a listen.

Gallimaufry: Evan Dando, the man behind 90’s indie act, The Lemonheads, is suing GM for using a song in a TV commercial that sounds kind of like 1992’s “It’s A Shame About Ray.” Pitchfork offers links to both the original song and the GM ad. Check it out. I don’t really hear it. Besides, how’s Dando think he’s going to get money out of GM at this particular time? Apparently, the Philadelphia Flyers have signed goalie Ray Emery to a one-year deal, effectively ending the reign of goalie tandem Martin Biron and Antero Niittymaki. Emery, who played last season in the Russian KHL, has a spotty history both on and off the ice. I’m curious to see Flyers’ fans’ reactions to a guy who’s had disciplinary problems – not something Philadelphia’s known to have much tolerance for. It’s a good fit, I think, due to the fact the Flyers are more well-rounded than Emery’s last team, the Ottawa Senators, a team that’s fallen apart over the last couple of years, mainly because it’s top-heavy with a few elite talent guys and not much else. I’m optimistic the guys in the Flyers’ locker room (Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell) will be able to keep Emery in check, at least on the ice.  Remember how much fun we all had a couple of years back with El Niño? Well, get ready for some more. Weather experts say that El Niño is making a comeback. Super.  

Incoming: Things have been a bit crazy (putting it mildly) but I’ll be getting those posts up I promised last week.