03.14.11 – a monday

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banausic [buhnaw-sik, -zik] adj. serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical: architecture that was more banausic than inspired


Albert Einstein (1879), Sir Michael Caine (1933), Quincy Jones (1933), Billy Crystal (1948), Rick Dees (1950), Chris Klein (1979)


I was going to write some scathing shit about the media’s coverage of the tsunami but while I was in the middle of it, I heard something so summarily sad.

In at least one town in Japan, survivors are lined up in front of a store and, before entering, informed they’re only allowed to leave with a total of ten items.

All of you great thinkers out there who are wasting everyone’s time bashing whoever happens to be on the other side of the aisle, try to gain a little focus.

Translation? Go to your neighborhood supermarket, purchase more than ten items, leave the store, step onto dry ground, look up at the sky and thank whatever imaginary deity you have chosen to believe in that an ocean didn’t destroy your life.

If you disagree with me, here’s some problems with your dumb-ass: You’re limited in functionality of the mind. You’re an absolute anchor to the furthering of the human race. You’re a joke and so irrelevant it’s beneath the rest of us to address it. And, the worst part is you’re completely oblivious to the fact I’m most likely talking about you.

Have a great day!


If you couldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it. ↔ Earl Wilson


I’ve most likely posted this before but if you think “Glynis” is Smashing Pumpkins‘ best song, well, I don’t want to finish the sentence. Use your imagination.


Go explore the internet. Let me know if you find anything interesting. I’ll post it.