07.12.11 – a tuesday


thrasonical [threy-son-i-kuhl] adj. boastful; vainglorious


Henry David Thoreau (1817), George Washington Carver (1864), Pablo Neruda (1904), Milton Berle (1908), Andrew Wyeth (1917), Bill Cosby (1937), Richard Simmons (1948), Topher Grace (1978), Michelle Rodriguez (1978)


So, I’m researching The Princess Bride last night for today’s standpoint and I happen upon this. (Sorry, no embedding for some odd reason.) And then this comes up.

Then I started thinking about Star Wars and up pops the original trailer from 1977 and as much as I love the movie now, if I were watching television back then and saw the following preview, I never would’ve gone to see it.

So I’m checking that out, wondering if maybe I spend too much time on YouTube and I occurs to me that I’ve been doing this blog for over two years now (off and on) and I’ve never shared the one and only video featuring yours truly on the internet.

After that, I looked at the clock and it was time for bed.


I hate quotations. Tell me what you know. ↔ Ralph Waldo Emerson


The dude might whistle too much but I’ve always loved Andrew Bird‘s “Fake Palindromes.”


The other day, I heard about planking from one of my Sunday (Funday) regulars. It’s one of those simple things that reminds me life can be supremely funny.

→ Why in the world do they have to remake everything? Some movies are perfect just the way they are. Although I will admit that I’m sort of intrigued about this one.

→ Because of this blog, I read a lot of asinine stories. This one is up there on the list of the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve encountered. Also, these fantastic people live right around the corner from me.


Closed For a Month

I understand some of you will be miserable while others will be less so when I make the following announcement.


The dailyeuneJeune will be on hiatus for the entire month of August.

In the past few months, my life has changed in a big (and remarkable) way. I’m taking the next four weeks to regroup, relax and redirect my writing.

Don’t fret, though. I’m planning on contributing at least two new pieces to euneJeune – True Story, and, since I’m not exactly known to be particularly gifted at the art of keeping my mouth shut, I’m betting there will be a few standpoints on this blog from time to time.

I will see you all in September, and thanks for reading. When I started this, I didn’t think I’d come close to 10,000 hits in a year, but I hit that mark in just five months.

Again, thanks for your support. Come back in September for some more.