02.14.11 – a valentine’s day


imbroglio [im-brohl-yo] n. 1. a  misunderstanding, disagreement, etc., of a complicated or bitter nature, as between persons or nations 2. an intricate and perplexing state of affairs; a complicated or difficult situation 3. a confused heap


Frederick Douglass (1818), Jack Benny (1894), Jimmy Hoffa (1913), Hugh Downs (1921), Murray the K (1922), Vic Morrow (1929), Florence Henderson (1934), Michael Bloomberg (1942), Maceo Parker (1943), Carl Bernstein (1944), Gregory Hines (1946), Tim Buckley (1947), Teller (1948), James Eckhouse (1955), Meg Tilly (1960), Enrico Colantoni (1963), Rob Thomas (1972)


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Busy weekend so I’m lacking the energy to go off about one subject or another. But I’ll be back tomorrow with some more. Join me.


A lot people say they’d like to be a billionaire. But they never ask themselves: Do I want the brain of that billionaire? They think about the money. But to have that money, you’d need that kind of brain, and you’d have to have those thoughts at night and all the stuff that goes with it. ↔ Albert Brooks


It being Valentine’s Day and all, I figured it best to go with a song about love, or at least one that had “love” in the title. And so I present Nada Surf‘s cover of The Go-Betweens‘ “Love Goes On.”


I’d love to offer some insight into last night’s Grammy Award Show but I had no inclination to watch it, so I have no idea what went on.

All right, sorry, folks, gotta hang up the spurs on this one. Exhaustion is setting in and sleep is next. Thanks for reading.

07.22.09 – Wednesday

Word: ineffable [in-efuh-buhl] adj. 1. incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: ineffable joy 2. not to be spoken because of its sacredness; unutterable: the ineffable name of the deity

Birthday: Gaspard de Prony (1755), Emma Lazarus (1849), Edward Hopper (1882), Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890), Bob Dole (1923), Oscar De la Renta (1932), Louise Fletcher (1934), Tom Robbins (1936), Terence Stamp (1938), Alex Trebek (1940), George Clinton (1941), Bobby Sherman (1943), Danny Glover (1946), Albert Brooks (1947), Don Henley (1947), S. E. Hinton (1950), Al Di Meola (1954), Willem Dafoe (1955), Keith Sweat (1961), Rob Estes (1963), John Leguizamo (1964), David Spade (1964), Keyshawn Johnson (1972), Rufus Wainwright (1973)

Quotation: There are many in this old world of ours who hold that things break about even for all of us.  I have observed for example that we all get the same amount of ice.  The rich get it in the summertime and the poor get it in the winter.Bat Masterson

Tune: Oakland, California’s The Heavenly States made a song called “The Story Of” a few years back. According to my iPod, I listened to it over 300 times. The song is catchy. I remember reading somewhere The Heavenly States were the perfect fix for anyone who liked Dave Matthews Band but didn’t want their friends to know they actually liked DMB. I don’t see it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact both bands employ a violin in most of their songs.

Gallimaufry: Tyler Perry must be one helluva guy. After the disgraceful debacle at The Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, PA last week, the playwright/TV series creator/screenwriter has decided the 65 children in the middle of it all need a vacation. So, what’s he doing? He’s sending them all to Disney World. “This is awful, and for anyone that has grown up in the inner-city, you know that one small act of kindness can change your life,” said Perry on his website. See? Sometimes people can be not shitty to each other. It’s hard to believe Michael Vick is only 29-years old. It seems like we’ve been hearing about the convicted dog-torturer for decades. Now that he’s completely free of any legal entanglements, Vick’s looking to get back into the NFL. But commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t committed to making any decisions anytime soon. Not even about if he’ll be making any decisions anytime soon. I, for one, would be pleased if I never again saw Vick in a football uniform again. But my gut tells me I will, and it will most likely be of the Dallas Cowboys variety. “The desire is there; that’s one component. The other component is opportunity.” That’s Alec Baldwin telling Playboy Magazine he’s maybe considering running for political office. I’m reasonably sure it’s only a matter of time before we turn all of our celebrities into politicians. It just seems to be where we’re headed.