April 4th, 2012


pyknic [pik-nik] 1. adj. (of a body type) having a fat, rounded build or body structure 2. n. a person of the pyknic type


Muddy Waters (1913), Maya Angelou (1928), Anthony Perkins (1932), Craig T. Nelson (1944), David Cross (1964), Robert Downey, Jr. (1965), Barry Pepper (1970), David Blaine (1973), Heath Ledger (1979)


Sweet and short today.

As a society, we’re becoming dumber by the minute. But, really, it’s not entirely our fault. Because it’s not that we’re actively trying to be dumber, it’s just getting easier to be a dummy.

Case in point, the words being added to our dictionaries. Here are some of the standouts from the new entries: bromance, businessy, sexting, femcee, clickjacking and va-jay-jay.

To be fair, not all of these “words” will make the cut for the actual print editions for the upcoming year but who actually buys dictionaries these days? Are they flying off the shelves? I don’t think so.

Basically, the line between proper English and slang is being blurred beyond recognition. And, hey, I’m far from the most orthodox person you know but, still, it’s kind of annoying.

And that’s beyond refudiation. Wait, that’s not a word? WTF?


Part of getting over it is knowing that you will never get over it.  Anne Finger


I can’t stop listening to Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Let me know what you think.


→ I was just starting to get into HBO’s “Luck.” So, of course it’s been cancelled. But, unlike the dozens of shows I’ve liked that’ve been jettisoned, this one’s actually for a solid reason.

→ This past Sunday night, I saw the movie version of 21 Jump Street. Growing up, the FOX series was one of my favorites. I was skeptical going into the theater and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to dig it. But I actually enjoyed the fact it wasn’t a true remake and there were enough allusions to the series without making it shitty. Not the best movie of all time, but worthy of a Sunday night, after-work viewing.


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