02.09.11 – a wednesday


chum [chuhm] n. 1. a close or intimate companion: boyhood chums 2. a roommate, as at college. v. 3. to associate closely 4. to share a room or rooms with another, especially in a dormitory at college or prep school


Thomas Paine (1737), William Henry Harrison (1773), Carmen Miranda (1909), Dean Rusk (1909), Roger Mudd (1928), Carole King (1942), Joe Pesci (1943), Alice Walker (1944), Mia Farrow (1945), Vince Papale (1946), Judith Light (1949), Jim J. Bullock (1955), Travis Tritt (1963), John Walker Lindh (1981)


It’s been almost a year so you know I’ve got much to say but today is all about getting back into the swing of this. Come back tomorrow for some more.


Life is essentially sad. Happiness is sporadic. It comes in moments and that’s it. Extract the blood from every moment. ↔ Robert Redford


Since I’ve been gone, a multitude of amazing songs have come my way. Here’s one of the first that came to mind – “Right Before My Eyes” by Cage The Elephant.


This is another section that’ll have to wait until tomorrow as I ease back into the daily process. Trust me, people, it’ll be worth the wait.

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