September 3rd – A Thursday


diaphanous [dahy-afuh-nuhs] adj. 1. very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent 2. delicately hazy


Louis Sullivan (1856), Kitty Carlisle (1910), Alan Ladd (1913), Mort Walker (1923), Albert DeSalvo (1931), Al Jardine (1942), Costas Mandylor (1962), Charlie Sheen (1965), Trevor St. John (1971), The B.G. (1980)


After reading “Scientists Seek Warning Signs for Catastrophic Tipping Points,” two things occured to me.

One, it is basic common sense to state that if civilization consumes or destroys too much of one thing or another, the planet will compensate and not always in the most obvious way or the way we’re expecting.

Two, it’s not that we’re not smart enough. We just haven’t been around long enough to see all negative outcomes we’re capable of producing to correct our mistakes. You see, except when it comes to religion, we (and by we I mean not me) generally require unshakable proof before we’re convinced of anything. And not always even then.


Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it.  I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down. → Charles F. Kettering


For a few years now, I’ve been trying as hard as I can to become a fan of Grizzly Bear. Most of the songs were just too melancholy, or maybe I wasn’t giving it enough a chance. I guess I need a little bit of instant-likability. That’s probably more my fault than Grizzly Bear’s. Anyway, I downloaded “Two Weeks” a couple of days ago and it all just clicked and I’m now going back and giving Grizzly Bear a second chance. (I’m sure my good friend Ezgi will swell with pride after reading that.)


→ Lately, I’ve been noticing tons of women following me on Twitter who have very suggestive profile photos. I was under the impression these ladies were adding me due to the fact my own profile photo is indisputably sexy. (No matter which one I happen to be using that day.) Turns out, floozies are becoming a problem for Twitter as is documented in “Will Sluts Be The End of Twitter?” Man. Sluts ruin everything.

→ Remember Kid ‘N Play? Unless you’re under 20-years old or grew up on Neptune, I’ll assume your answer’s yes. Now, ever wonder what happened to those dudes after they exhausted the House Party franchise to death? Well, no word on Play‘s activities but Christopher “Kid” Reid is alive and well, and selling suits in St. Louis. No more pencil eraser hairdo but same old street savvy sass. How long before, due to this video clip being watched close to a million times in the past day or two, Kid ends up on some reality show? Write it down. You heard it here first.

→ Despite how you feel about the current health care debate going on in this country, if you have enough sense about you to do things like finding your way to your kitchen or remembering to breathe every couple of seconds, you should have no problem comprehending that the two-party system is sucking the life out of absolutely everything.


4 thoughts on “September 3rd – A Thursday

  1. even if we had a four party system we would still have the same problems. our voted officials are very much under the influence/in the pocket of lobbyists and the campaign dollars their industries fund.

    campaign finance reform is a must. its starts there.

  2. it is not our strength but a weakness. what about people (like myself) who cannot identify with either party? who do we vote for?

  3. The two party system is our greatest strength. Read a little bit about the dozens of governments Italy has had since WWII and the small religious parties that hold an out of whack amount of influence in Israel.

  4. agree with you on partisan politics. Washington warned us of political parties in his farewell address. I saw well intentioned conservatives apologize for Bush, and now I see liberals doing the same with Obama. Principle should go before party.

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