06.23.09 – Tuesday

Word: auspicious [aw-spishuhs] adj. 1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion 2. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate

Birthday: Oda Nobunga (1534), Cyclone Taylor (1884), Alfred Kinsey (1894), Milt Hinton (1910), Ted Shackelford (1946), Clarence Thomas (1948), Glenn Danzig (1955), Randy Jackson (1956), Frances McDormand (1957), Colin Montgomerie (1963), Joss Whedon (1964), Slash (1965), Selma Blair (1972), Zinedine Zidane (1972), KT Tunstall (1975), Jason Mraz (1977), Duffy (1984)

Quotation: The weirder you’re going to behave, the more normal you should look.  It works in reverse, too.  When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person.P.J. O’Rourke

Tune: “Chicken Payback” has gotta be one of the most mindless/pointless songs I’ve ever heard. That’s precisely why the song from A Band Of Bees (known as The Bees outside the US) is so very very good. Off the album Free The Bees.

Gallimaufry: Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce. As usual, everyone’s up-in-arms when celebrities make decisions deemed reserved for only us normal, uninteresting folk. People, get over it. The dude cheated on her. If Kate was a friend of yours, you’d tell here to drop Jon like a box of fiery dogshit. But because some of us find their reality television series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, entertaining, all conventional thought is tossed aside. It’s almost like we’d rather see Kate suffer in silence for the noble purpose of the continuation of a television show that boasts the same level of importance as reruns of Hogan’s Heroes. Fear not, chumps, Jon & Kate Plus 8 will continue on. Probably so the Gosselins can afford the divorce proceedings and the mega amounts of therapy their children will inevitably require. This past Sunday in Toronto, Polo Molina punched Mario Lavandeira in the face, leading to assault charges being filed against Molina. You might be thinking, who cares? Well, what if I told you that Polo Molina is the tour manager for the Black Eyed Peas and Mario Lavandeira is the given name of none other than Perez Hilton? What? You still don’t care? Yeah. You and me both. WalletPop.com has made a list of the 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the US. 16th on the list is the area surrounding the intersection of Broad and Dauphin Sts. right here in Philadelphia. We didn’t even make the top ten. You might think of this as a good thing but, really, if you were any one of the neighborhoods mentioned, what would the actual risk of bodily harm percentage differential be if you were in the 25th on the list as opposed to being in the first? Most likely, it would yield the same result. Basically, all 25 are winners.

Incoming: Listen, I know I’ve been dragging. I’m adjusting to a new job and a new living situation while simultaneously dealing with TWO malfunctioning computers. Once I get back in the groove (shouldn’t be more than a week), I’ll get back to more, including new stories on euneJeune: True Story and more Standpoints on here. I’m not gonna promise because I’m aware I’ve burned many of you before with similar statements. I’m simply stating that I’m gonna try. There may not be a new post tomorrow due to the fact that I’ve got to take both of them (back) to my brother Jer for some TLC.

5 thoughts on “06.23.09 – Tuesday

  1. OK, here’s the thing. I’m extremely open to suggestions pretaining to my writing. Ask anyone. But your “suggestions” come off more like insults. In fact, that’s exactly what they are. Got something constructive for me? How about not ending every sentence with an exclamation point? Also, how about ceasing the attacks on my intelligence and calling me an asshole?As for my negativity, you and your friends will just have to learn to live with it. I’m sarcastic by nature and there’s a lot out there in the world that annoys me to no end. As for my flaws, I have them. I know it. This blog is a tool I use to work on them. I still seriously doubt that there is a group of you since you all write pretty much the same exact way every time you post here. Your tone and word usage are identical. I’m not exactly sure why you’ve decided to make my blog your little pet project, but I know many real writers who don’t feel the need to post here anonymously at 4:30 in the morning. Through them, I’m getting all the help I need. Once again, whether you are one person or several, you can feel free to simply go away. If I was sitting in a bar with you, having a debate, I’d wrap you up in a conversational pretzel. I’m sure you don’t think so, but I “strongly believe” you should accept that notion as fact, and move on with your life. In terms of intellect and wit, you’re not even close to playing in my league. And if your “friends” truly do exist, you can tell them I said so. And, hey, thanks for reading!

  2. oh yeah clever – you can stop changing the name to jen
    i am not jen – she actually hates your writing more then i do. i actually think there is hope for you . you see – jen, mindninja, jay and myself all work together and we use a router here. so all the computers here connected to the router each have their own ip address on the router but the router has one address from the service provider. hence why you are seeing one ip address for several different people. we are all writers. i strongly believe that there are times when you just don’t see the flaws in your own work. it doesn’t hurt to listen to others criticism. so relax, slide down from your high horse, and think about my suggestions. no one wants to hear you being negative EVERYDAY. the world is already negative enough.

  3. wow — should have known that you wouldn’t take a second and maybe take a look at yourself !
    of course it’s me, i am a crazy lady who needs medication. get over yourself ! maybe take some advice instead of just being sarcastic
    it could help you become a better writer and isn’t that the point of you doing this every day ?! my point was just that you seem to take a negative side in everything – it makes all of your stories have the same sound and feeling to them.
    if you can bring yourself to it, why don’t you try to have an open mind about what i am saying and read your last few post. there are many different styles of writing out there, ready for exploration ! a good writer would try a few ! asshole !

  4. Lady. Seriously. Maybe your doctor could prescribe you something to take the edge off. I write this blog for PRACTICE writing. Plain and simple. Also, I enjoy it. If you don’t like what I write, there are literally millions of other sites here on the internet that might not have the same effect on your blood pressure as this one. My advice? Look into them. There’s a whole world out there, ready for exploration.

  5. What makes you think that people want kate to stay with john just because they find the show entertaining ?
    Where would you get that idea ? Where did you even get the idea that the viewers want kate to stay with him ? Did you take a poll or something ?
    yes, you are right if the husband of one of my friends cheated on them, my first thought of course would be that she should leave him — but
    i would also suggest maybe trying to work things out
    Sometimes people make huge mistakes that with a lot of work can be forgiven. They have 8 kids together, I think that alone would be reason to try to work it out. Maybe the viewers just don’t want to see their marriage end simply because it is sad.
    Have you ever even watched the show?
    Where did you even get the information that the viewers would “rather watch kate suffer in silence for the noble purpose of the continuation of the television show” ?
    It seems that a lot of the things you write are very negative. I cant figure out if you are just a pissed off guy or if you think you are being sarcastically funny.
    Which ever it is, I really think it takes a great deal away from your writing ! Maybe while you are dragging and adjusting to your new situations you should read the things you have posted and think about how you appear to the reader. Life is way too short and there are so many more important things you could be writing about instead of all these stupid stories about you being annoyed by the guy at wawa saying hi to you and so on….. seriously read your stuff, you sound like an asshole !

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