The 2009 MTV Movie Awards – Good & Bad

Sunday night, I sat down to watch the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Funny thing. Once upon a time, I’d steer clear of all award shows, but I like Andy Samberg (who hosted this year’s show) and so I decided to check it out.

I watched it in its entirety. And while it felt kind of dirty, I’m glad I did. I was equally entertained and disgusted – usually alternating back and forth between the two feelings in the span of just under a minute. At times, I was pleased – usually by something involving Samberg. Just as often, however, I was displeased – usually by something involving the movie Twilight, which won just about all the awards. (Even Samberg and some of the presenters seemed a little put-off by all the attention the tweener vampire flick was receiving.)

Here are me thoughts on some moments from the 2009 MTV Movies Awards:

  • “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions” – My second favorite part of the show. Samberg and Will Ferrell (as Neil Diamond) perform something typically spoofy proclaiming, “the flames are hot but their hearts are chill,” amidst a montage of cool guys (Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Iron Man) not looking at explosions. I think the keyboard solo actually tied the whole thing together for me.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen-Eminem FiascoSacha Baron Cohen is fucking annoying. I know. I’m supposed to watch his prankster antics and find them unbelievably mortifying/clever. But I don’t. If that lessens me in your eyes, I’m prepared to deal with that. When Cohen (as his gay alter-ego Bruno) descended onto Eminem and proceeded to plant his ass in the rapper’s face, I was hoping that Slim Shady’s entourage was going to make the whole night worthwhile and murder Cohen. No such luck. The douchebag survived.
  • Forest Whitaker Singing “Dick in a Box” – Easily my favorite part of the show. LeAnn Rimes and Chris Isaak were great paying homage to Samberg’s Digital Shorts “Jizz In My Pants” and “Lazy Sunday” but Whitaker’s interpretation of “Dick in a Box” was almost better than the original. Truly. I think it’s safe to say everyone is now in on the whole absurdist comedy wave.
  • Miley Cyrus Wins “Best Song In A Movie” Award – She beat out four other songs she shouldn’t have. Her acceptance speech illustrated why we as a society need to ban against the talentless, unsexy hack. “I wanna thank God! Hellllooooooo? The only reason I’m here!” Thanks, God. We owe you one.
  • Ben Stiller Receiving the “MTV Generation Award”Kiefer Sutherland, Zac Efron and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog presented the award to Stiller. It was very much like a roast with Efron saying things like, “You sell out the theaters without selling out.” Triumph obsessed over Stiller’s resemblance to different primates. Sutherland broke down, sat on the edge of the stage and addressed Stiller directly in a “heartfelt” testimonial of his admiration. Sutherland went on for about two minutes too long. To his credit, Stiller sat through the whole thing without choking any of them. If I was him, I would’ve at least made a run at the dog.

Overall, the show spanned the canvas of everything pop culture. And, while there were some truly sickening/moronic people and ideas out there, it was proof to me there are things happening that just might be worthwhile. Still, when I saw the likes of Cyrus and the dude with the hair from Twilight mixed in with performers with actual real talent, I was forced to wonder if the world of entertainment wasn’t free-falling to some dark, evil place.

8 thoughts on “The 2009 MTV Movie Awards – Good & Bad

  1. @ Jen – WOW. Whoever you are, you obviously have lots and lots of anger toward me and not just because of the stupid Miley Cyrus thing.

    Here’s an idea. Why not instead of coming here to read the thoughts of a talentless slob, you go do whatever the hell it is you’re supposed to be doing at 4:20am?

    Go spread your sunshine somewhere else.

  2. wow – the true you finally peeks its ugly head out instead of all this “thanks for reading” crap !
    as for going to great lengths to show how much i adore her- no it was more like showing you how much i disagree with you
    and as for basing a human being on their monetary worth –
    no you said she was worthless and since you dont know her as a person i assumed you were speaking of her worth as an actress/singer and my point was that young people like her and she cant be all that bad considering she made more money just this year then you ever will at age 16! she must be doing something right
    and again its Mtv which is pop culture. thats what these awards are all about – duh !
    and thanks for all of your insults – it just proves how people such as yourself have no business writing anything on the internet ! and lucky for you any talentless slob can sit on his fat ass and post whatever he wants. good job ! and if you wake up and change your mind – it has nothing to do with lack of sleep its more like lack of balls !!!!

  3. Jen, for someone who states she’s “not a miley fan” you sure are going to great lengths to let us all know how much you truly adore her.

    As for basing a human being on their monetary worth, good job. You’re just like every other idiot on the planet. Congratulations.

    I normally don’t respond to negative comments but I felt an exception should be made in this case.

    Jen, no one cares about you and your defense of the marching imbeciles of pop culture. This may just be the lack of sleep talking, however. I could wake up in the morning and agree with every last thing you said.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. worthless-really thats funny
    because she probably made more money this year then you will make in you whole entire life !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jen, you are entitled to your opinion.

    First, Miley Cyrus is worthless. When I said “unsexy” I really meant “someone with now appeal at all.” She looked out of place at the awards. And that’s because she didn’t belong there.

    Second, Edward Cullen, besides having a terrific head of hair will likely go down in history with Keanu Reeves and Joey Lawrence – individuals who maybe could’ve mattered, but failed to.

    As for me being an unattractive, jealous underachiever, well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out if that’s true.

    Thanks for reading, Jen. Much appreciated.

  6. sorry, but i must disagree with some of your points

    first, i am not a miley fan – but you call her a talentless unsexy hack…… come on now she may not be the best singer but she is far from talentless. and do i need to explain to you that most of her fans are young boys and girls who judge things much differently then you and i.
    look back at what you liked when you were a teenager – do you still like it now?
    and as for as being unsexy – she is sixteen years old !
    i dont think you should even look at her like that let alone state to the public that you find her unsexy.
    and for her speech – again she is sixteen – cut her some slack, she was excited and i dont think there is anything wrong with thanking god.

    and as for the dude with the hair from twilight – did you see the movie ?
    sure it was aimed towards teens – but as for his acting, he played that role perfectly and that is what these awards were for…….acting
    please remember that these were the Mtv awards not the oscars
    sounds to me like you are just some unattractive, jealous, underachiever !!!!

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