04.13.09 – Monday

Word: acumen [uhkyoo-muhn, ak-yuh-] n. keen insight; shrewdness: remarkable acumen in business matters

Birthday: Thomas Jefferson (1743), F.W. Woolworth (1852), James Ensor (1860), Butch Cassidy (1866), Samuel Beckett (1906), Don Adams (1923), Paul Sorvino (1939), Al Green (1946), Christopher Hitchens (1949), Ron Perlman (1950), Peabo Bryson (1951), Max Weinberg (1951), Davis Love III (1964), Caroline Rhea (1964), Rick Schroeder (1970)

Occurence: 1997Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer in history to win The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Too bad Woods couldn’t get it together this year. He finished T-6th with a -8 under par. Angel Cabrera eventually won the four-day tournament after a sudden-death playoff with Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell. All three players were tied after 72 holes at -12 under par.

Standpoint: It’s been over five weeks since I’ve started the daily euneJeune. So far, the response to this blog has exceeded my expectations. It’s averaging about 125 hits per day and has ammased over 4,000 total hits. I’m constantly looking to learn. Not only do I learn a lot from the research I do for each post, but I learn from those of you making comments – both on here and Facebook – who expand on what I’ve written. I appreciate it greatly when you take the time to do this. After actually writing each edition, reading the comments being made each day has been the most fulfilling part of what I’m doing.

That’s why I’m asking everyone who reads today to make a comment. What parts of this blog do you like the best? What parts do you skip over? The overall sentiment so far is that a lot of you like coming here everyday. But I’d like to hear more. While I really dig the current format (and based on your feedback, so do a majority of you), I’m unsure if it will sustain itself long-term, which is obviously my ultimate goal. I’ve some exciting plans for the future of the daily euneJeune. But hearing your ideas will help me further achieve my goal of taking this blog to higher levels.

So, leave a comment today. (Note: Don’t worry about hurting my feelings or offending me. I assure you – I can take it.)

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.

Quotation: People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first. – David H. Comins

Tune: I’m not the biggest Ben Harper fan in the world but “Ground on Down” is probably one of the most kick-ass songs I’ve ever heard.

Link: Sporno: 20 Picture In Which Sports and Porn Collide – With the number of people taking pictures all over the world, I’m guessing situations like what’s happening in these photographs occur more often that we think. (Note: Don’t worry about the title. There are no naked people in any of the pictures.)

Gallimaufry: Normally, I’m not the kind of person who reads something like, “The First Puppy Makes a Big Splash,” and wonders if The Washington Post needed to exert all the time and energy that obviously went into the article. But this time was different. All the puns about dogs didn’t help matters…With the sports world being what it is these days, I’m pretty confident writing the next sentence. Most likely, I’m one of 20 people who care that the Philadelphia Flyers are in the playoffs (thanks to Anthony J. SanFilippo for the link)…Thankfully, I’m no longer on the dating scene. But for those of you men who still are, The Saucy Single Life has published “Don’t Do This on a First Date.” Pretty helpful, I think. My favorites are #22 and #29.

Incoming: Among this week’s topics will be more of your Annoying Sayings/Misused Words suggestions, “5 People I Wish Lived On Another Planet” and much much more.

25 thoughts on “04.13.09 – Monday

  1. I like the birthdays. I wandered into the comment section today just to ask how exactly one acquires a name like “Peabo”. In doing so, I saw the feedback.

    I enjoy them because they trigger thoughts like, “Oh wow, he’s that old?” or “She’s younger than me?” or “Is he dead?” that put the entire age issue into some sort of perspective. But I also will watch Murder She Wrote if it’s on tv, so I’m not sure about my judgment on the cutting edge.

  2. @Dave Frees – Thanks for the props, Dave. Means a lot. No problem for the mention in the Blogroll. Your blog is useful as well as entertaining. We need more like it out here on the web. Your posed questions are poignant and clever. But I’d expect nothing else from a guy like you.

  3. @Kate – Alas, it seems the birthdays are really not popular but they don’t take that long to do and they are good for traffic. Since everyone seems to be ignoring it anyway, it doesn’t seem any harm to keep doing them. I’ll check out your Ben Harper song. Thanks for the comment. Especially since you could’ve just yelled it up the stairs to me. Lloyd probably would’ve barked over you, though.

  4. Thanks for the mention in the blog roll. Thanks for the thought provoking stuff and the language content and quotes. You are the man!

    Thanks for asking questions (or making observations) that make me see the world from a different perspective.

    Here’s one:”What would you buy from me today if I was smart enough to sell it to you?”

    “What would you have to do right now to to make your goal inevitable?”
    Dave Frees

  5. I like the layout now that you spread it out some, and I probably look at half the links. But I also skip the birthdays and any time you write about sports (mostly hockey because I have no idea what or who you are talking about 🙂 ). Here is my favorite Ben Harper song:

  6. @Beth – Thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out and link it tomorrow.

  7. @Adam – It sucks that I like the finding the daily birthdays. No one else seems to care.

  8. @Bill – I’ve been working on this blog too much to get into any serious story writing. I’ve got two in the works but progress is slow, as if you didn’t know that. Rest assured, True Story is just in a deep slumber and not yet dead.

  9. @Rob Blatt Thanks, I was kinda toying with the idea of separate posts, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. By the way, checked out your site. Good stuff. Thanks for reading.

  10. @Stephanie – Thanks for the comment. The Annoying Sayings/Misused Words will definitely find a weekly place here.

  11. @G – I realized we like NONE of the same music when you used to drive me to work. Thanks for the comment.

  12. I generally read everything except the b-days. I really like the layout. I have A.D.D. when it comes to reading blogs so I like that it has seperate sections. It helps hold my attention and prevents rambling.

    I like the idea of having a misused/annoying word of the day, its an interesting concept. You may need to make it a weekly since you may eventually run out of words/suggested words.

  13. Word is one my favs (and don’t think the example useage has gone unappreciated)I also look forward to Link, Gaullimafry, Occurence, Standpoint & Quotation

    I think all the links are great and I usually check them out…

    I skip Bdays. I have come to realize that we like NONE of the same music, so I just glaze over that part too. Sorry Mr. Biliki I think your Ben Harper sucks just as bad as Josh’s unless I wanted to kill myself before my morning coffee

  14. I like checking this every day. My favorite parts are the word, quote and the gallimaufry…and I really enjoyed the words that aren’t words that was posted on Friday.

  15. I dig the overall idea of the site. If it’s traffi that you’re looking for, I would consider breaking out each section of the daily posts into their own post.

    I think it’d be a great email newsletter or podcast as well. Great job, came to the site through Twitter.

  16. Hey Joshua!
    I like the Quote and Song the best.

    Unlike Bill, I do click on the links and have enriched and filled my website knapsack beyond belief.

    Thanks for the link to my site too, up today is my first ever GUEST BLOG, I’ll take my favorite quote and paste it here: “the only way I’m calling you again is if I find out I’m having your baby.”

    Oh how I love the single life.


  17. I dig Word, Standpoint, Quotation, and Gallimaufry.

    I’ll read the Link section, but never click-through. And I never actually read through the Birthday section. I’m sure I will when it’s my actual birthday.

    However, what I’ve been waiting for the most is another True Story edition. I like the dailies because they take me 3 minutes to get through. But you have to give the masses their bread and circus, Josh!


    Benjamin Franklin

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