04.09.09 – Thursday

Word: histrionic [his-tree-on-ik] adj. 1. of or pertaining to actors or acting 2. deliberately affected or self-consciously emotional; overly dramatic, in behavior or speech


Birthday: Charles Baudelaire (1821), Hugh Hefner (1926), Tom Lehrer (1928), Jim Fowler (1932), Carl Perkins (1932), Marty Kroft (1937), Peter Gammons (1945), Dennis Quaid (1954), Marc Jacobs (1963), Paulina Porizkova (1965), Jenna Jameson (1974), Albert Hammond, Jr. (1979), Keshia Knight Pulliam (1979), Jesse McCartney (1987)


Occurrence: 2003Saddam Hussein’s statue is toppled to the ground and destroyed by the Iraqi people as U.S. forces take over Baghdad. That was six years ago. When, exactly, did we win that war?


Standpoint: A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about sayings or phrases that I find annoying. Since then, I’ve received emails and comments, both here and on Facebook, from all of you who wanted to share your annoying sayings. I found that what really bother some of you are frequently misused words. I picked the top three and did a little research. Here is that I found:


  1. “irregardless” vs. “regardless” – “Irregardless” is not a word. At least, not an accepted one. According to dictionary.com, “Irregardless” is a non-standard word because of the two negative elements ir- and –less. The site presumes that “those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis.” On the other hand, “regardless” means, “having or showing no regard.”  The winner: regardless
  2. “supposably” vs. “supposedly” – This one is going to disappoint some of you. Dictionary.com says both are fine. “Supposably” is defined as “to believe or assume as true; take for granted.” “Supposedly” is defined as “assumed as true, regardless of fact.” I don’t really see a difference, do you? The winner: it’s a tie
  3. “orientate” vs. “orient” – “Orientate” is actually a word. It means, “to arrange in order; to dispose or place (a body) so as to show its relation to other bodies.” (No, I don’t think that means an actual human body.) “Orient” has many different meanings, including one that resembles the above one for orientate. However, the one that fits with the way most people use both these words is “to familiarize (a person) with new surroundings or circumstances.” So when someone says, “I had to orientate him into the new apartment,” they’re misusing the word. The winner: orient

So, there you go. I still can’t believe that “supposably” is a word. Thanks everyone for your contributions.

QuotationIt’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. Albert Einstein


Tune: Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with a certain someone who insisted that all bands would choose making the big time over being a consistently working, moderately profitable one. I disagreed. Example of one such band? Cloud Cult. Here’s a blurb from the band’s official bio: “Despite offers from major labels, Cloud Cult has chosen to remain independent, recording and releasing their albums through Earthology Records, a not-for-profit environmental record label established by Minowa in 1998. On a self-funded shoe-string budget they have achieved top 20 CMJ radio charting for all of their last three albums, a domain usually reserved for the SubPops and Merges of the world.” My favorite Cloud Cult tune is “Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide.”


Link: Lights – Not sure if I’ve posted this before, but wanted to share it. Takes a few seconds to figure out.


Gallimaufry: Everyone’s talking about the Philadelphia Phillies’ new World Champions rings. Reviews have been good. I even overheard on lady call them “stunning.” I think the rings are pretty god-awful but I’d probably wear one if I’d just won the World Series. A shame they can’t present the team with the rings every night. The Phillies won in impressive style, coming back late in the game to win 12-11 after being down 10-3 (Thanks to Phinally Philly for the link)…Iron Man 2 began filming recently. Looks like Iron Man cast members Robert Downey, Jr. (Tony Stark), Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) and Samuel L. Jackson (Col. Nick Fury) will return for the second installment while Don Cheadle will replace Terrence Howard as James “Rhodey” Rhodes. New cast members will include Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Mickey Rourke (Whiplash) and Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer). It’s rumored that there will be appearances by Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins but nothing solid yet…Think status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are getting impossible to follow? If so, you’re not going to like where Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove is predicting for the future in “A Brief History of the Status Update.” Personally, I think it’ll be great.


Incoming: Tomorrow – My “Top 3 Incredibly Cool Things To Do in Philadelphia This Weekend” and some other amazing stuff.

12 thoughts on “04.09.09 – Thursday

  1. @Alena “Irregardless” is definitely the most popular misused word in the history of the English language.

  2. English isn’t my native language, but even for me words like “irregardless” would drive me crazy! It is just a common sense!

  3. @Stephanie, “irregardless” was easily the most mentioned Annoying Saying.

    @Adiane, I suspect that most people who read this today will have to do the same thing. Thanks for reading.

    @Shannon, I’ll definitely do more like this. Gotta give the people what they want. And you can post a comment on anything you like. I don’t mind.

    @Bill B, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll address them in one of next week’s post. Think I’ll do a weekly feature on this Annoying Saying thing.

    @Mr. Dude, you’re still wrong. All I gotta say about that.

    @The Friend, I still like you. I get a little testy about music especially when I hear the name Britney Spears associated with it.

    @Mr. Biliki, what exactly sucks?

  4. true, i was at least 3 drinks in when said conversation happened. but i don’t recall anyone ever saying that all bands aspired to be the beatles or britney spears. only that just as obscurity does not equal greatness, neither does super-stardom equal selling out. show me a band that would turn down a chance to still put out what they think will be good music AND reach more people AND yes, maybe even land a cover of Rolling Stone.
    i think there aren’t many.

    now. do you still like me?

  5. no. that was not the argument at all.

    in order for a musician to remain a musician and do what it is they love, they must continue to further their career. we were not saying the dr. dog wanted to be rich and famous and sell out. but, if given the opportunity, they would jump at an opportunity to have their mug shots on the cover of RS. your argument was that many bands with musical integrity would remain good bands and not succumb to the likes of brittany speers and such.

    human nature, especially with driven musicians, applies here. no one says ‘no’ to an opportunity to further their career. not even cloud cult.

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments so far today.

    @Mr. Dude. As usual, you misrepresent a conversation by offering only what you hear which is selective to put it mildly. That wasn’t the argument. The Rolling Stone cover was merely one part of it. Our friend’s point was more that every music artist wanted to be The Rolling Stones or Britney Spears or The Beatles. Or just as popular. That was the part I disagreed with. And you know it.

    Have fun at the show.

  7. Get any votes for the misuse of “hone.” People–lots of fancy types on television, included–say, “He’s really trying to hone in on what the problem is.”

    The proper phrase here is “home in,” as in “to steadily narrow one’s focus.” Hone should be used to describe the process of sharpening one’s skills.

    Another one? “I feel badly about xxxx.” No…you feel bad about something. Feeling badly implies that one is not good at the actual act of feeling.


  8. I just realized that I basically just said what the comment below me said. That’s what I get for not reading comments before I post one.

  9. I’m glad you included irrregardless. That word gets under my skin. Along with people who say for all “intensive purposes.” What does that even mean?? Its “intents and purposes.” I really enjoyed this post. You should do more like this!

  10. Wow, I am shocked that ‘supposebly’ is a word (even though my trusty Firefox spell checker doesn’t recognize it). I’m annoyed by that, but also thankful, because I have a dear, close friend who uses it exhaustively and it has always crawled beneath my skin. Now maybe it will annoy me slightly less. But I’ll still be really annoyed by people who say “expresso” and “for all intensive purposes”.

    I’m really enjoying your blog.

  11. ironic that the person you refer to in your music argument (certain someone) is checking cloud cult out on friday at the unitarian church.

    and you are still in the wrong. if rolling stone offered them them the cover, they would take it to further their green awareness program in a heartbeat. just because a band chooses to take their career to the next step doesnt make them a sellout. it just makes you not like them as much because they are no longer solely on your ipod.

    hurricane and fire survival guide…only song to successfully incorporate the word ‘poop’ in it. just awesome!

    great post today!

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