04.02.09 – Thursday

Word: foofaraw [foofuh-raw] n. 1. a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant  2. an excessive amount of decoration or ornamentation, as on a piece of clothing, a building, etc.   


Birthday: Charlemagne (742), Francesco Maria Grimaldi (1618), Thomas Jefferson (1743), Hans Christian Andersen (1805), Émile Zola (1840), Walter Chrysler (1875), Max Ernst (1891), Buddy Ebsen (1908), Sir Alec Guinness (1914), Jack Webb (1920), Marvin Gaye (1939), Dr. Demento (1941), Leon Russell (1942), Linda Hunt (1945), Anne Waldman (1945), Emmylou Harris (1947), Christopher Meloni (1961), Clark Gregg (1962), Rodney King (1965), Adam Rodriguez (1975)


Occurrence: 1882Jesse James is shot in the back by his friend, Robert Ford. Ten years later Edward O’Kelley shoots Ford in the back. Karma’s a bitch.


Standpoint: Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a convenience store with the intention of buying bottled water or a newspaper or something small. You grab whatever you’re there to buy and head up to the counter. There is only person in front of you. It’s a woman who’s piled about 23 different items on the counter. You roll your eyes and wonder to yourself if this woman has ever heard of a supermarket. You can tell the clerk behind the cash register is thinking the same thing as he scans each item and puts them into one of the six bags it’s going to require for all her purchases. While that’s going on, the woman is kind of staring blankly around the store, as if trying to see if maybe she’s forgotten something. The clerk then announces some total that sounds fully unusual to hear in a convenience store like “$74.78”. This breaks the woman from her trance and she quizzically looks at the clerk as if she didn’t expect to be asked to pay for her 6 bags of stuff. It’s not until then that the purse comes off the shoulder and drops with a thud onto the crowded counter. She spends the next two minutes fumbling through her bag which looks to have enough room for a baby rhinoceros. Finally, she retrieves a credit card and hands it to the clerk who informs her to swipe the card in the machine in front of her. She looks at the swiper like its alien technology and says something like, “Right here?” After cautiously swiping the card, the clerk has to remind her to put in her PIN number which takes her another minute to remember. The transaction approved, you think you can finally buy your item and leave the store. But you’re wrong. The woman needs to make sure everything is back in her purse, just the way she left it. After securing the credit card in the wallet and, in turn, the wallet in her enormous satchel, she gathers up her plastic bags and walks out the door. Everyone in the line, which is now about ten people long, looks at each other with the same thought running through their minds: “What the fuck?” You pay for your item and leave.


This happens to me at least twice a week. Am I the only one?


Quotation: For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity. Jean Dubuffet


Tune: Sometimes one great band can cover a song from another great band and make it sound like its own. That’s what Rogue Wave did with Pixies“Debaser”.


Link: Net Fridge – Just like your refrigerator. Only different.


Gallimaufry: I read about Oak Island a few years back. The mysterious story behind it fascinated me…Yesterday, I ate Whopper from Burger King. It was delicious. Take a look at the America’s 10 Best Fast-Food Restaurants…Last week, I posted a link to Worldometers. Tuesday, I read this article on BBC News Online. Overpopulation might be the next big world crisis. Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “04.02.09 – Thursday

  1. Mindninja, what would be “something worth reading” to you? Let me know.

  2. so what if you have to wait for five extra minutes
    why are you in such a rush ? maybe while you wait you should think about how lucky you are to be able to wait in a store and buy water. do you realize there are plenty of people who don’t even have fresh water ! you sound like a spoiled little brat ! why dont you write about something worth reading ?!

  3. Krista, I love the word, too. It’s educational finding these words that people use everyday.

    Nathaniel, yeah, Jesse James was probably a bastard. History has been good to him, I guess.

    Christa, glad I could be of service.

    Tim, thanks for reading and the comment. I think you and I’ve been behind the same kind of folks. F—ing annoying.

    G, thanks for the kudos on the new layour. And for calling me “Ace.” When are you coming up for a Philadelphia reunion now that Ezgi is back in town?

  4. Argree about foofaraw–will try and use that today.

    As for your experience, it happens to me all the time, but with four variations:
    1. It happens at the supermarket in the 15-item limit line.
    2. There’s always expired coupons or a price check or three involved.
    3. These people can never be bothered to bag their own groceries.
    4. After completing the sale, they always find a problem with their receipt.

  5. Doesn’t usually happen to me. Though I generally shop at a grocery store where it is more expected.

    That said, was Jesse James getting shot in the back by Robert Ford proof that Jesse James had earned his own bad karma?

    When I heard about some of the things he did I tend to think so (shooting unarmed people among the other things he did).

  6. Love the foofaraw definition. My boys frequently have a foofaraw over their star wars toys 🙂

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