03.27.09 – Friday

Whereabouts: Philadelphia, PA

Word: abrogate (request from Marc Schuster) [ab-ruh-geyt] verb 1. to abolish by formal or official means; annul by an authoritative act; repeal: to abrogate a law  2. to put aside; put an end to

Birthday: Gloria Swanson (1899), Pee Wee Russell (1906), Sarah Vaughan (1924), Michael York (1942), Tony Banks (1950), Quentin Tarantino (1963), Kevin Corrigan (1969), Mariah Carey (1970), Nathan Fillion (1971), Fergie (1975)

Occurrence: 1998 – The FDA approves Viagra. On a related note, someone recently told me that someone they knew was an orderly at some retirement village and that the number of cases of STDs in that retirement village had skyrocketed in recent years due to drugs like Viagra. I know. Not the prettiest picture. But the truth is not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, most times it’s not.

Standpoint: I talk to a lot of people over the course of the day. I enjoy conversation with different types of folks. As I view it, every new conversation is an opportunity for undiscovered knowledge. There are, however, certain phrases that I hear that immediately make me want to walk away. Below, I’ve listed a few of them:

  • I could care less.” – Often erroneously used by someone attempting to inform another of how much they don’t care about an issue. Literally, it means that they do care. What they want to say is, “I couldn’t care less.”
  • It is what it is.” – Usually used after discussing a problematic situation. The speaker usually means either (a) “I’m unwilling to do anything about this,” or (b) “I’m not creative enough to find a way to fix this.”
  • I’m just saying.” – Constantly used as a weak ending after making a (normally) weak point.
  • At the end of the day…” – Frequently employed to sum up a conversation. Sure, that might be the case “at the end of the day,” but there will be another day tomorrow, right?

How about you? Do you have a phrase that annoys you? Please share.

Quotation: What I have dreamed in one hour is worth more than what you have done in four. Lorenzo de’ Medici

Digit: 21 – In the State of Missouri, if you are under 21 and disposing of empty alcohol containers, you can be arrested. I wonder how many times that law has been enforced.

Tune: If you’re like me (and why wouldn’t you be?) you think that XTC is a pretty good band. It’s a shame that Andy Partridge’s paralyzing stage-fright keeps us from ever seeing these guys live. We’ll just have to watch clips like “Yacht Dance” instead. Enjoy.

Link: Boxee – I don’t use this site, but it might be helpful to those of you with a large collection of movie files. Looks pretty cool.

Weekend Philadelphia (only on Fridays): Tonight (3/27), why not head down to The Academy of Music to take in Happy Days: A New Musical? Showtime 8pm…Teddy Thompson, son of Richard and Linda Thompson, plays a show Saturday night (10pm) at The Tin Angel…Also Saturday night; Projects Gallery’s Obama-rama exhibit comes to a close. Check it out while you still can…What about Sunday, you ask? How about checking out the Give & Take Jugglers at The Central Library? Starts at 2pm.

Gallimaufry: Just to reiterate from a post a few weeks ago: Nadya Suleman is a bad person…For many reasons, I consider myself lucky to not live in Iran. Here is one more reason. I think I’d definitely fall into the category of “offensive blogger”…I can’t decide. When I was Rory McIness’ age, if I did what he did, would my parents be as cool as his, or would they’ve sent me to some really awful military academy? I don’t think there would’ve been an in-between…Here’s a transcript of President Obama’s Tuesday night press conference, in case you’re interested…That’s it for me this week, come back Monday for some more.

11 thoughts on “03.27.09 – Friday

  1. Courtney, I agree that there is an acutal time to use “It is what it is.” I’m more talking about the cliche that its become. You pretty much summed up how it should be used. Thanks for clarifying.

    M, I’m on board with “anyways” and “ironical.” You’re right. Just because a word is in the dictionary doesn’t mean that its right to use it. Lots of stupid stuff is in the dictionary.

  2. People who use “anyways” and “ironical” should be slapped. Hard. They always justify it by saying, “It’s in the dictionary.” Lots of things are in the dictionary, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are using them correctly.

  3. Drew and I use the phrase “It is what it is” frequently. We use it to remind ourselves not to focus on what we cannot change and instead to direct our energies to things that are in our control. I think sometimes people get too bogged down thinking about things that they can’t control. In situations like that it is better to be able to accept that “It is what it is.” Don’t try to make a situation more than it has to be – or less for that matter. Accept it at face value for what it is.

  4. Kevin, thanks. Another good one.

    Jennifer, just “kinda funny?” I gotta step it up a notch, it seems. Thanks for reading.

    Dave, thanks for the comment. Means a lot. Talk to you soon.

  5. How bout when people say irregardless? Is it really much different than regardless???

  6. Great week – I like the standpoint column the most – thanks for the invite!

  7. REALLY? That almost made it in there, but in the end, it doesn’t really bother me as much as some of the others. Based on my comments on Facebook, I’ll be doing an update of the Annoying Sayings in the near future.

  8. NPR recently did a real interesting story on the old people and STD issue. Hey, they’re just trying to keep up with the rest of the country.
    I hate it when people say “it is what it is” REALLY? Why has this phrase become so popular all of sudden? I have a theory. People are getting more and more stupid and lack the intellectual capacity to defend their closed-minded point of view. Ugh, my blood is coming to a simmer.

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