03.05.09 – Thursday

Whereabouts: Philadelphia, PA

Word: wonky [wong-kee] adj. British slang 1. shaky, groggy or unsteady  2. unreliable; not trustworthy

Birthday: Rex Harrison (1908), Tommy Tucker (1933), Dean Stockwell (1936), Eddy Grant (1948), Penn Jilette (1955), Andy Gibb (1958), Joel Osteen (1963), Michael Irvin (1966), John Frusciante (1970), Kevin Connolly (1974), Eva Mendes (1974)

Occurrence: 1836Samuel Colt made the first production model .34-caliber revolver, facilitating murders everywhere.

Irksome: Yesterday, I caught a little bit of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As usual, I was entertained. During one of the segments of the show, Stewart was openly mocking President Obama’s new timeline for removing our troops from Iraq. Later in the day, I was telling a friend of mine about it. His reaction? “Dude. That’s messed up. Obama hasn’t even been in office two months and Stewart is already turning on him?” My response? Absolutely. I think the initial overwhelming joy that the people of this country felt (including me) seeing a man like Barack Obama assume the role of President has made them lose sight of something. We are supposed to question our leaders. When we blindly follow the directives of your leader(s), we will inevitably find ourselves in the exact predicament we were in the past eight years. This is the United States of America, after all. Even a man like President Obama needs to be closely scrutinized by the people he is governing. As you were, Mr. Stewart.

Quotation: A critic is a legless man who teaches running.Channing Pollock

Tidbit: Apparently, right-handed people live an average of nine years longer than left-handed folks. After much deliberation, I could think of nothing clever or witty to say about that fact. Except that I’m right-handed. Sucks for all you lefties out there.

Song: Ever hear a song and think that, even though the person who wrote it has never met you, you could’ve written it yourself? Sure you have. That is exactly what I thought the first time I heard “Beautiful Beat” by Nada Surf.

Link: Funny Or Die – A wide assortment of clever stuff including Literal Video and the Will Ferrell landlord sketch. Check it out.

Gallimaufry: SHAMELESS PLUG – Ezgi is a good friend of mine who writes a very entertaining blog about what goes on in her most-cynical mind. Click HERE and get an insight into a one of the greatest, strangest people I know…Speaking of President Obama, click HERE to read Helene Cooper’s article in the New York Times about how the guy is already starting to get gray hairs from the stress…Updating my thoughts on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, I am still on the fence but closer to liking it than I was before. I know you all were wondering.

6 thoughts on “03.05.09 – Thursday

  1. I like your thoughts about Obama. While I admit I really like him and think he is trying really hard to help our country, I agree you have to watch him closely. After all, a politician is a politician.

  2. i too am fascinated by this ezgi character. i wish to meet and interrogate this person with whom has nostrils of a queen.

  3. there are two things that irk me about the august deadline in 2010 that obama has set up. 1.there is no way to set a timeline on stabalizing a country in chaos. its common sense shit. 2.he has proposed a budget where the savings is heavily weighed upon us being out of iraq by this date. so he is gonna end up shooting himself in the foot with this if iraq is not ready to be evacuated…which i am sure it will not. 10 years from now, it will be what obama does in iraq, not bush, that will be remembered. you can quote me on that.

  4. I read your blog for the first time. i am not very into politics. But i do feel that there was a type of giddiness to Obama in our first reaction, we had hope. Then we realized that he is a politican and our country is in real disarry. It will take more than a good speaker, but a miracle!

  5. I like Wonky. I also like Wanker. The Brits have a thing for insult slangs that start with W. Speaking of W, that movie kinda sucked. Snoooozer. The Daily show will cease to exist if they stop making fun of the President, although some are much more fun to make fun of. Josh, Is our children learning? Thank you for my plug. Although you have completely given away my secret identity to the whole world. Now I have to go into hiding and reemerge decades from now in a huge social uproar.

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